atombook warm hello from the sun

PUBLISHED 2008.01.01 17:06
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atombook warm hello from the sun

1 all the way to find nothing
2 let me go away
3 every place is your playground
4 can you hear me tonight
5 comedian
6 weird birds are flying in your mind
7 o
8 bad habit grows in me but it won't eat up my universe
9 i have no fun
10 sugar-coated wings
11 giggle bee
12 warm hello from the sun
13 g for green
14 ice cream
15 bye bye bye (why did i suicide with a toy gun)
16 will you be my friend

all written, arranged, performed by atombook
electric guitar solo on sugar-coated wings arrange by sp & miong, performed by miong
electric guitars on giggle be arranged by 3b & miong, performed by miong
percussions on sugar-coated wings, warm hello from the sun arranged by mina & mynci, performed by mina

produced by mynci
recorded & mixed by mynci
additional recordings by atombook

published by electric muse

will be released in jan. 10. 2008